"She drifted on her back to better absorb the sun, not for the warmth, but because it was there."

- Amanda Knox, WestSide Seattle

A mermaid who finds herself beached on the shore with an unexpected visitor is forced to reconcile that she belongs to neither land nor sea.

Director's Statement: 

If you drop a mermaid onto the blank white page of creation, a story appears. Her narrative is inscribed into her fins, scales, gills, hair, lungs. Her every breath is an attempt at navigating the two bodies she was born into. 

To figure that out, I sat with and consumed the many stories that humans, specifically men, attach to mermaids. How many mermaid stories have been told from the female body? Not many. Sirens illustrated the vast mystery of the ocean for Grecian sailors. The Little Mermaid was captured by the mind of Hans Christian Andersen. Ariel was picked up again by a team of men working under Walt Disney Studios. Yet the story of the mermaid continues to influence and inform young women. The myth grants women the experience of the duality of their body, and an agency to explore the world.

I had to know what would happen if I dropped the mermaid onto my own blank white page.

Mermaid / Taige Lauren

Ferry Worker / Deron Brigdon

Directing and Story / Elizabeth Schiffler

Writing / Evelyn Osborn & Taige Lauren

Score / Levi Gillis

Director of Photography / Evelyn Osborn

Underwater Videographer / Stuart Marlantes

Underwater Assistant / Devin Stark

Key Grip / Bryce Bartl-Geller

Script Supervisor / Melody Donais

Prosthetics / Morgan Mangiaruga

Production Sound / Diana Le & Erin Smith

Post Production Sound & Foley / Marco Mendoza

ADR / Jake Israel

Mastering / Geoff Trager

Graphics Artist / Stephanie Pieper